2013 - School Project - After Effects - Photoshop - Illustrator -
SoundScience teaches users about sound through interaction and experience. It utilizes the affordances of the iPad audio and mic hardware to create a dynamic and engaging learning platform for previously static content.
This studio project involved translating a middle school textbook chapter to a digital iPad format. I chose a chapter out of a physics textbook introducing the science of sound.
SoundScience is an educational app that teaches users about the science of sound. Previously this information only resided in static textbooks and abstract, confusing visualizations. This application utilizes annotation and scaffolding techniques to pace the lesson, but focuses on elaboration as an effective learning strategy to teach the science of sound. 
Using the affordances of the iPad microphone, interactive examples stand alongside the static content and enable users to learn about sound through experience rather than traditional methods. After each lesson, the user is presented with a simple minigame where they must use their voice as a controller along with information previously learned to unlock the next lesson. 
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