Fall 2013 - Cinema 4D - Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign -
I worked with a group of two other studiomates to design a system for the Institute for Emerging Issues that engages students through their annual Discovery Forum.  This is a visual summary of my three touchpoints.
Each group member was required to create three touchpoints of design interventions each small, medium, or large scales.  Each touchpoint also must focus on either branding, interaction design, or service design.  
Individual Rationale
In order to maximize awareness of the IEI, therefore increasing participation rates, a system of physical and virtual campaigns for the Discovery Forum can be utilized along with a redesigned information source. 
Group Rationale
“The Institute for Emerging Issues brings people together around complex issues in pursuit of a single goal: to ensure North Carolina’s future competitiveness.” 
It is from the above statement that our group was able to determine the target audience for our design: the students of NC State. We believe that it is important to develop engagement among NC State students because of their importance to North Carolina’s future. By introducing them to the IEI, students will be more involved with the issues of the state and therefore more prepared to lead North Carolina in the future. We will address NC State’s student body through the IEI’s Discovery Forum, an annual event designed to inform students about the IEI’s plan of action for the upcoming year. Once we have developed a strong body of engaged students, it will be easier for the IEI’s reputation to grow, for students to become involved, and for homegrown policy initiatives to develop. 
Presentiation with the Institute for Emerging Issues
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