Fall 2013 - Cinema 4D - Photoshop - Indesign -
I worked alongside William Vanderveen and Yairon Martinez to develop a campaign for the first ever Brand X Challenge.
We got 4th place out of 60+ student teams nationwide!
Here are a couple of our presentation boards for the first Brand X Challenge, where we had to conceptualize an entire experience marketing campaign for Under Armour's presence at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.  I worked with Will and Yairon to develop an entire campaign spanning before, during, and after the games. These boards display how we developed a visual identity for our campaign and how it was applied to various mediums, from the side of a bus to a mobile app.
Our campaign entitled The Pro Experience features television advertisements, public installation displays, a mobile application, a personalized ID card and lots of other fun Olympic tidbits to immerse attendees and viewers of the 2014 Games.  This campaign makes deliberate comparisons between the attendees and the athletes at the games, revealing to the regular folk that they are not so different from the Olympic athletes themselves.
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